Family Essential Training for Canine Homes


I offer humane guidance with the training and care of your dog, based on the latest available science. Dog training methods themselves have no scientific research behind them, but by evaluating the current research and results concerning canine behavior, medical care, communication, and physiology, I do my best to tailor my coaching with the best quality information, for your specific dog.

I offer one-on-one training on an hourly basis. We will work on whatever it is your dog needs, or just run through the basis.

Once a minimum of two hours training is completed, I will remain available to you via email for the life of your dog.

It is said, “our dogs literally are family” and that is literally true. Neither wolves nor dogs run in “packs” nor do they have the misguided “dominance” behaviors. They are family oriented creatures who are wired to cooperate and bond. Let me help you explore the amazing world of living with your dog.

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Wishing you, your family, and your dog(s) all the best,
Ben Balser
Luna Belle

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I got Cat and Dog First Aid and CPR certified at ProPetHero.com
I will be teaching Pet First-Aid and CPR locally here in Louisiana very soon. Keep an eye out for dates and locations!

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Luna Belle is the latest in a line of dogs, mostly German Shepherds, and other animals that I’ve parented in my life. She is a full bred GSD adopted from Cara’s House and loves swimming and exploring big-box hardware stores more than anything. Of course she’s way too smart for me and loves me anyway.