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Family Essential Training for Canine Homes

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I offer one-on-one, family centered training to work on whatever is needed for you, your family, and your dog to have a mutually beneficial and comfortable life together. I cover health care, communication, and humane obedience. I also am certified to teach Pet First Aid & CPR, which I do through the local Capital Area Red Cross. Please fill out the Contact page to discuss your training needs.

I also conduct custom trainings for groups such as shelters, rescue organizations, law enforcement, emergency/disaster workers, etc.

FETCH Training will give you humane guidance for the training and care of your dog with a focus on the family. And I remain available to my clients via email for the life of their dog.

So if you need general obedience training, handling a specific behavior issue, wellness, or emergency care training, fill out the Contact page to discuss your training needs.

In the near future, we’ll also have an offering unique online instruction. So stay tuned!

Wishing you and your family all the best,
Ben Balser
Luna Belle
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Our next class will be an online course, stay tuned for details.

Save a life, learn Pet First Aid & CPR! Yes, we teach that, too!
Handling an animal in distress is not always intuitive nor easy.
Take the fear and mystery out of emergencies with solid education.

In-person, hands-on classes are held in cooperation with the American Red Cross Louisiana Capital Area Chapter.

*Discounts for pet professionals.

See the First Aid & CPR page for more details.

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