Family Essential Training for Canine Homes


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Today our knowledge of dogs is rapidly evolving and expanding like never before. Unlike the harsh often inhumane training techniques of the past, we are able to let our dogs just be the dogs they are AND be a cooperative member of the family without stress or fuss.

Thus, even though I’ve been helping people with their dogs for years, I am always continuing my own professional training, staying up with the latest research on health care, behavior, and training techniques.

I offer science based, humane, private training with the family or single owner, to give you and your dog a well bonded, enjoyable, fun life together. I never use prong collars or e-collars as they have been proven harmful and are scientifically outdated.

Plus, as an older adult, I know first hand that you do not need to be a young athlete to handle even a large dog easily and properly.

Lessons are an hour and a half, once a week, and cover: sit, lie down, stay, door manners, come, lose-leash walking, leave it, basic calming techniques, and a primer on off-leash training.

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My own dog Luna Belle is enrolled in the Dog Aging Project, learning how to help both humans and dogs live longer, healthier lives! We endorse this project wholeheartedly! Click the image above for more info.

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Luna Belle is the latest in a line of dogs, mostly German Shepherds, and other animals that I’ve parented in my life. She is a full bred GSD adopted from Cara’s House and loves swimming and exploring big-box hardware stores more than anything.