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Haqihana Harnesses

I just got Luna Belle a new harness. A Haqihana 2H harness to be exact. And I got a leather line from them, also. I’ll talk about the leash in another blog post. Now, I have to say, it took me a tad bit to figure it out. Even after watching their video on how to adjust it. The video was a 1H, the second belly strap kept confusing me. But after a little bit I got it figured out. I've put it on Luna Belle a few times now. We’ve been out walking with it, both on and off leash, and I am blown away.

Mind you, this is not a cheap harness. Haqihana hands makes these individually in Italy. And I can assure you, this is the finest harness & leash on the market today.

At first, she didn't like it, she turned her head, touched her nose to the ground, typical calming signals every dog owner should know. Thus, I simply dropped it on the floor and left her alone. She'd eye it up, then sniff it when she'd walk by it and eventually started to totally ignore it. That was my signal to try again. I picked it up and held it out with the front end opened to her. She looked at me for a moment, then she opened her mouth and gave me her little playful huff she does, ears perked up, and stuck her nose into it on her own. Yay!

I am amazed! It's not binding, it's not tight, it doesn't slide around, it's such a fantastic design! She has total freedom of movement. She lets me put it on and take it off no problem! And using the leash, oh wow, it is a totally different feel and experience than anything I've used before. I'm now a HUGE Haqihana fan! Not to mention the amazing packaging it came in.

The packaging is all recycled material. The box exterior is plain brown, the interior is a pretty floral pattern. That’s significant because it comes with a card showing how to turn it inside out and use it as a gift box. It is reusable for so many things besides throwing in the trash. It even came with a very lovely calendar, each month a different pastel portrait of a dog. And yes, the calendar is in Italian, but that just makes it so much more cool! I mean, right? Plus a really nice, soft drawstring bag to store the harness in, or anything else you may want to use it for.

Let me repeat, it is not cheap, but why would I cheap-out on the love of my life? And she is, she is my whole world. But you get the best quality harness on the market for what you’re paying. And shipping is a tiny tad longer than Amazon, because it came from Italy. Duh!

Walking with her in this harness was a dream. Both on and off leash. She moved and acted like she had nothing on her. The leash telegraphed the slightest tension without stressing her at all. That it gives her total freedom of moment, that it is sturdy, stable, and comfortable, all way more than any other collar or harness I’ve ever used before, just blows my mind.

I have to thank Kateryna at Nordic Dog Trainers for recommending it to me. Luna Belle and I are both so very happy with it and can’t recommend it highly enough. 

Last note here, these aren’t really on Amazon, so you must order directly from Haqihana.