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Here are some local dog businesses I highly recommend!
Luna Belle and I have used them, we know them, we love them!
These recommendations are based on our first hand experiences, we get no compensation from them at all.
And all are LOCALLY owned and operated in the EBR/Ascension, Louisiana area.

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Anderman Animal Clinic are the veterinarians I’ve been taking my own dogs to for many years now locally. They’re great with animals, treat them with utmost respect, very clear communications, they’re the best in my book!
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Cara’s House is the local animal shelter for Ascension Parish here in south Louisiana. It also happens to be where I adopted my own Luna Belle! I also offer a discount on training to anyone who shows me their Cara’s House adoption papers. They always need support and they are a great place to find a good dog (or cat) to adopt. “Adopt, don’t shop!”
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Lucky Dog Lodge is Luna Belle’s amazing day care! These folks understand dogs better than any other day care we’ve used. They care so much, encourage play, are so special, I can’t say enough good things about them. Locally owned and operated, Luna Belle and I love them so much!
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Ascension Groomery is locally owned/operated (as all my recommended businesses are) by Lacey Moran and her crew. They are very experienced, gentle with the dogs, and give the dogs respect. Not to mention they do fantastic grooming jobs! They even have curbside pickup and drop-off service!

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Neighborhood Pet Market is the best pet store ever! Plus, for the greater Baton Rouge area here, it’s locally owned and operated. Unlike some other places, the employees are really knowledgable and really friendly. Kurt, who manages both locations, is really friendly, knows more about this stuff than anyone, and is just a super nice person.