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For pet owners, professionals, and organizations
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I have partnered with the American Red Cross Louisiana Capital Chapter to offer this course at their facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They offer a large, comfortable classroom, plenty of parking, a relaxed atmosphere, and everything to make a productive and enjoyable learning experience.

Why Learn Wellness, Fist Aid, And CPR?

It is not “if” but “when” a cat or dog needs a wellness check, acquires a serious injury, is poisoned, is physically injured, or becomes unresponsive due to accident or water incident, this course can help you be prepared.

You will gain the physical and mental knowledge and skills to handle emergency situations, handling an animal in distress, communicate with animal hospitals, monitor a pet’s wellness throughout their lives, and be prepared to make the tough end-of-life decisions every pet owner eventually has to make.

Plus, you’ll learn how to do a quick and easy pet check-up to track your pet’s health in order to catch illnesses long before they become complex and really expensive.

Why A Hands-On Course?

There are plenty of videos online that claim to teach pet first aid and CPR, but few are really complete, and you do not get the hands-on training with an instructor who can correct improper techniques and answer your specific questions directly.

Only a hands-on course can give you the muscle memory, mental confidence, and complete training you will need in an emergency situation.

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